We ended up getting our offer accepted over better monetary offers within 3 hours

My wife and I met Tony at an open house and within 15 seconds of our conversation both me and my wife both independently knew this was the person we wanted to work with to buy our 1st property. We had just reached out to another agent earlier that day whose 1st question was can you raise the top range of your budget by almost 30%? Needless to say, we are glad we met Tony that day. This was our 1st property purchase, and with horror stories all around we expected the worst, but Tony was able to guide us smoothly and efficiently through the whole process. His dedication was 2nd-to-none. Tony was working with me until almost 2am (please don't make him work this late) trying to secure a viewing of a property where we missed the open house. Then advised us through the offer process, and based on his advice we ended up getting our offer accepted over better monetary offers within 3 hours. Of course, he was with us throughout the escrow process making sure that everything was moving along smoothly. We are now in our new home, and will always turn to Tony to help us in the future. Because of Tony's steady hand on the wheel, it made our first time home buying experience super smooth, painless and NOTHING like what most people told me it would be like. UPDATE: 2 years later with new jobs in the South Bay, we again called on Tony to sell the home mentioned above. Yet again we had a great experience working with Tony and his team. From the preparation of the home, to the beautiful staging, to paperwork we felt taken care of the whole way through. We're happy to report that Tony surpassed our expectations in every way with the sale of our home. Looking forward to working with him on our next purchase.


Tony's goal targets at getting you a dream home

Tony masters all the skills in the process. He is MORE THAN a realtor agent. To better show how good he is, I would love to share what he have done in the process. 1st, Tony listens to our need, rather than based on what most people need. in the same time, he gives us solutions for our concern. For example, we like older houses, rather than a new house, bc older houses are in better locations normally, and old houses have bigger space and more open view with less dead ends. But we were also concerned if an old house can survive in the earthquake, cuz old houses were built based on an old standard. Tony shared how to solve this concerns/problems within budget. 2nd, Tony look at each house like he was a buyer, really point out all the potential problems and his concerns. 3rd, very Rational agent. Every house is not perfect, either people (seller/buyer). Before we decide to go for a house, he would list out all the problems, and see if we can solve these problems within budget. 4th, very very Responsive. you can literally see Tony's reply in seconds! 5th, Tony also help us After the transaction closed. We are really new in CA, CA is a lot different from IL. You know all the number (budget) in advance, and of course, you can choose on your own if you don't need his help after the transaction closed. HE IS HERE, THERE AND EVERYWHERE. 6th, all in all, choose Tony, share your honest feeling (includes your dream, concerns, and fears about the house) with him. Don't hesitate to say no or yes to some his ideas, COMMUNICATION IS KEY. His goal targets at getting you a dream home, rather than becoming a mind reader.


Tony's outstanding service helped us to purchased a dream house

Tony Ngai is not just a Realtor, he is the one 1. with integrity: say as what does he mean and do as he say; 2. knowledgeable which is more than just selling and buying house, also provide much more information about property structure, interior decorating; sounding conditions, marketing conditions and much more. 3. totally understand clients needs, provide detailed information and timely services. 4. put clients condition and requirement into heart, professional and friendly working with clients. Tony's outstanding service not only helped us to purchased a dream house, also win our hearts to show what is the best Realtor there


Tony works efficiently, patiently, and provides high-quality customer service.

Tony is an extremely responsive and dedicated professional. I am very satisfied with Tony's services. I value a real estate agent who can effectively communicate. Tony was able to respond to my constant questions and has gone above and beyond what is required. Let's go to the data. I was the first to offer the full asking price of $585,888 for my townhome right after viewing the open house on 8/28/16 (listed on 8/25/16). My offer was accepted and I was in contract by 9/1/16. By 9/22/16, I closed escrow and I had keys in my hand. Tony was able to pull off pure magic. A similar property sold the same week for $610,000. Thanks for saving me $35,000 Tony! I am so pleased with my property that I am considering buying another one through Tony. I was hesitant to write this review as I wanted to keep Tony all to myself. He is that good. Tony has exhibited to me that he has expert real estate knowledge. He is detail oriented. He is even overseeing my remodel and maintenance projects at no additional charge. As a demanding industrial engineer, I value how Tony works efficiently, patiently, provides high-quality customer service. Tony will definitely make your home buying process smooth and enjoyable. I enjoy Tony's honesty and down to earth personality. It is without a doubt that I recommend Tony.


Courteous, professional, knowledgeable, and an outstanding honest realtor!

Tony has been the best agent I have worked with.  From Day 1, he understood what I was looking for.  Immediately he created a personal portal base on my criteria and we were able to find properties that match my needs.  We soon tour all the properties on my list throughout many weekends, including holidays.  He was patient with my pace, and although I'd submitted a few offers which were not chosen by the seller, it has been a good experience for me.

First year have pass, but Tony never gave up on finding a suitable home for me.  He was always there when I'd called him and prompt in returning my calls and emails.  Second year, my offer keeps getting closer and closer to acceptance by seller.  One day, finally my offer was accepted by the seller.  Unfortunately, the next day, the contract was cancelled due to the seller's property being investigated by the city of San Francisco for rental violation.  I was devestated that the home I had in hand was taken away just like that.

Tony stood firm by my side, and gave me all the positive of this experience.  He never wavered and understood the agony I was going through.  Within two weeks, I was finally able to land my dream home, which was only a block away from my parents home.  What was a broken heart a few weeks ago became a dream come true.  Everything happens for a reason, and meeting Tony was one of them.  Without Tony, I wouldn't be able to have the perfect home that I've always dream for.

I highly recommend Tony to anyone that needs his full time service.  He is courteous, professional, knowledgeable, and an outstanding honest realtor.

I am sure that anyone will be very happy with Tony's work!

Tony helped me to purchase a condo directly from the owner. He guided me through every step, kept me informed, and coordinated all the activities. Tony had clear ideas what needed to be done at each point of time and always he kept communication open with all the parties involved in the transaction. He helped me to find a loan officer who he worked with in the past and pick a title company to close the transaction. Both were excellent choices.

Our initial plan was to complete the entire process within three weeks since the seller needed funds as soon as possible. Tony helped me to prepare all the paperwork very quickly, however the  loan approval was taking longer than expected. By the time our original  contract expired, the loan was still under underwriters' review. My fear was that the seller would not agree to extend the contract and pull out from the transaction.  Tony was able to resolve the situation very smoothly.  He quickly negotiated a one week  extension of the contract with the seller and drafted all necessary paperwork. In the meantime, Tony contacted my loan officer and was able to escalate priority for my loan approval. He also made sure that title company was ready to act immediately after the loan gets approved. As a result of Tony's efforts, we were able to close the purchase within one week of the original contract's date. I am very grateful to Tony for this. 

Besides being extremely knowledgeable in real estate, Tony is a great guy, he is very easy to work with, and he always looks out for client's best interest.

I recommend Tony highly to anyone who is in need of an amazing knowledgeable realtor and I am sure that anyone will be very happy with Tony's work.

Tony was always calm, professional, and always kept his eyes on the ball.

Let me begin by saying Tony is one of the best agents I have ever had the opportunity to work with. 

My wife and I started looking for a rental property late last year. Since this was to be a rental, we wanted an area with a "hot" rental market. So we nailed it down to San Francisco (our first choice) and Santa Clara. During the initial couple of months, we did the usual web surfing and attended open houses on our own. This turned out to be a bad idea, on each interested property, we were always too late (either sales pending or sold). We quickly realized that we needed help. So, through my loan agent (whom initially pre-qualified us), we met Tony in early March. 

From the get go, Tony was extremely helpful. Because I like to understand every aspect of the process, I had plenty of questions. Tony was very patient and took the time to explain in great detail on what was involved. Since he was a native from San Francisco (a big plus for us), he knew the neighborhoods, schools, and most importantly the local housing market well. This helped greatly in quickly narrowing down our search. 

Once we decided on the neighborhood (in our case, the Sunset district), Tony sent us daily updates on properties that were either fresh on the market or soon-to-be on the market (no open house yet). Prior to each update submission, Tony took the time to review all properties and provided his recommendations. These recommendations were almost always "right-on" because he knew exactly what we were looking for (due to his attention to client needs). In fact, the very first property we jumped on was recommended by him. Since this property had a very short duration prior to offer submission, we wanted to view ASAP. Because Tony did not have access to this property at the time, he was able to quickly arrange and worked with the listing agent to provide an off-hour viewing - this to me is resourcefulness! After the viewing, we decided to submit our offer. Since my wife and I had very busy schedules, Tony was extremely flexible and helped us write up an offer very late into the night. Although we were out bid on this particular property, he was there to ensure we were not to be discouraged.

Then in mid April, again from Tony's recommendations list, we looked at another property. This one was perfect for us, but from our last experience I was a bit gun-shy and not too sure about bidding. Tony went through a series of CMA reports with me and also picked the listing agent's brains. He concluded that we should proceed with an offer. So, we did. To my surprise, the offer was accepted! Although there was a minor renegotiation, we were nonetheless set (so we thought). After escrow was opened and contingencies released, the seller unexpectedly decided to withdraw. With this knowledge, I really did not know how to proceed. Within the next few weeks, Tony worked tirelessly and diligently with all parties (listing agent, seller, loan officer, and myself) to ensure things were still moving - irrespective of the sudden interruption. After numerous email exchanges and convincing, the seller finally decided to proceed with the sale. Then we closed escrow last week! This had been one of the most nerve wrecking experiences. Throughout the entire ordeal, Tony was always calm, professional, and always kept his eyes on the ball. 

Overall, I would highly recommend Tony to anyone!

Ken C |
Engr. Mgr. |
San Francisco

Tony is a great listener and communicator.

Tony is one of the best real estate agent we have ever worked with. He is very familiar with the local housing market and the community around bay area. He is friendly but also very professional. Every time when we met to tour a home, he was always well prepared to introduce the property, to provide the pro and con of its location and its conditions. Most importantly, Tony is a great listener and communicator. After the first meeting and a house tour, he had well understood what we were really looking for, and had carefully selected the appropriate properties on the market that meet our requirement since then. With his efficient pre-screening and hard work, we were able to locate the desired home within two and a half weeks.

With Tony's real estate expertise and his efficient supporting team, I felt that this home purchasing was such a smooth process just like a breeze. No matter it was for price negotiation, property inspection, repair estimation, or closing process, Tony was always there to help, and make sure we understood and comfortable with each event. 

Tony has done an excellent job to help us to find and acquire the home. I am very impressed with his knowledge, his dedication, his promptness, and his service. I definitely will choose Tony for my next real estate transaction when it is possible.

Mr. Hu |

San Jose - Blossom Valley

Tony is an excellent agent!

Tony is an excellent agent.  His ability to speak fluent Chinese and English made the search and buying process with ease.  Tony's previous engineering background also help with the house inspection.

Mr. Zhao |
Investor |
SF - South Beach

I highly recommend Tony!

Tony is an outstanding Real Estate professional (A+) with strong local knowledge. He helped us with Townhome purchase in SanJose. He spent enough time from day 1 to understand what we are looking for in a home, our likes and dislikes. He was always available to clarify any questions and provided timely details for us to make necessary decisions starting from open house tours, making offers, offer price range, and provided candid feedback about pros and cons of each home that was in our list, which helped us to stay focused and meet the milestone!

He was very proactive and swift in ensuring all parties in home purchase process (Seller, Bank loan officer, HOA, Title company) are on the same page to avoid any issues in the completing purchase and resolved any delays to close the escrow on time. I highly recommend Tony!

Prasanth B. |

San Jose - Alviso